Unique Residential Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

At Custom Range Hoods we design metal range hoods to virtually any, shape, size or finish imaginable. We work with you to design the style of range hood you want and we provide guidance on the appropriate blower system whether remote, inline or external that we should provide with the hood matched to your cooking appliance and cooking style. We use top of the line blowers that are quiet and superbly functional and which will perform as promised - however, if you insist we can accommodate your preferred insert by making a custom opening for it..... vent hood.... range hoods

Our team of experienced craftsmen will take your design and handcraft a beautiful, yet fully functional range hood by using decorative metal elements, mixing and matching different types of metals and colors, install our top of the line blower system,  dimmable halogen or LED lighting and high quality heavy duty stainless steel restaurant grade baffle filters fabricated together as one unit - we DO NOT use anyone's  insert....we fabricate everything ourselves.

We are confident if you work with us, you will be very happy with your truly hand crafted custom range hood....feel free to email us with any questions.

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